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Coordinate Geometry

Calculates the points around a traverse, using bearings, azimuths, field angles, curves, and spirals.

Intersecting Lines
Calculates solution(s) for the standard Bearing-Bearing, Bearing-Distance and Distance-Distance intersection methods.

Spiral Intersection
Calculates the intersection of a known spiral curve and an external point at either a known distance or a known bearing from the spiral.

Area Calculation by Coordinates
Calculates area of a parcel by direct entry of known coordinates. Can also be used to calculate cross-section areas.

Area Calculation by Bearing and Distances
Calculates area of a parcel from known bearings and distances of its legs, including circular curves.

Area on Spirals
Calculates approximate area between a spiral curve and its chord, either on centerline or at a known offset distance on either side of centerline, by stepping along the spiral at any desired length interval.

Three Point Curve
Calculates the radius and radius point (center of the curve) from three known points defined by their coordinates.

Calculates centerline station and offset distances from a tangent, circular curve, or spiral curve, to any number of external points.