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4.1 Patch - Click here to download the 4.1 patch
Civil Tools PRO (ver. 4.1) fixes some minor bugs that were discovered after distribution of the original CD (ver. 4.0). To install the patch, download the updated ctp.exe file HERE and copy it to the directory where Civil Tools PRO was installed. The update will not work correctly unless the file is copied to the correct directory.

Note: If you have a site license, the updated file will need to be copied to the program directory on each computer.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Make sure all instances of Civil Tools PRO are not currently running.
  2. Download the ctp.exe file found HERE. Copy the file over the existing one in the program directory. If you did not change the default directory during the original installation, the directory will be located at C:\Program Files\Civil Tools PRO\ctp.exe.
  3. If you do not remember where you installed the program or are having difficulty locating the install directory, right click on the Civil Tools PRO desktop icon and select properties. The following window should be displayed with the location of the installation directory as shown in the "Target" field.

4.1 Patch Details:
Vertical Curves Tool now correctly display "Additional Stations" within the first interval.

Intersecting Lines tool no longer rounds azimuth values above 180 degrees before using them in the calculation and display.

Superelevations tool printout now displays the modified friction factor instead of the default. This update was a display issues only. No modifications were made to the calculation itself.

Vertical Curves, Intersect Tangents, Curb Radius Grades and Vertical Site Distance calculations no longer limit the "percentage/grade" entry cells to 5 characters or less including negative (-) and decimal (.).