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Calculates many unit conversions, such as acres to feet, feet to meters, pounds to kilograms, etc.

Weighted Average
Calculates the weighted values of selected variables using their individual weights.

Linear Regression
Calculates the equation of a straight line that best fits a series of x-y coordinates using least squares. The standard deviation for both x and y and the correlation coefficient are also calculated.

Polynomial Equation
Calculates the coefficients of a polynomial equation that exactly fits up to 10 known x-y coefficients.

Triangle Solutions
Calculates solutions for the five standard triangle problems; Side-Side-Side, Angle-Side-Angle, Side-Angle-Angle, Side-Angle-Side, and Side-Side-Angle.

Interpolates values between two known x-y coordinate pairs. The program is able to interpolate either the x or y coordinate if the other is known.

Linear Simultaneous Equations
Calculates the solution of up to eight linear simultaneous equations.

Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations
Calculates the solution of up to eight non-linear polynomial simultaneous equations.